Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I was trying to talk myself into making a decent post tonight... but that's not going to happen. "Why?" you might ask. Because I have a head cold. And I'm a pansy. A pansy with a head cold.

So in lieu of a post of any substance, here's my upcoming blogging prospectus for those of you who are even remotely interested:
- Gonna wrap up my Serve God, Save the Planet review that I left open-ended (plus I'm gonna throw in a film review of a recent documentary that seriously caused me to pause.)

- Gonna get a few thoughts out on the concept of "population" and pose a few related questions that are rolling around in my head.

- Gonna get a series of posts going on the concept of "non-violence," which will likely included meanderings from Fight Club, to Jared Diamond, to my childhood fist-fights, to Darfur, to James Bond, to the Revolutionary War, to Jesus Christ, to Transformers, to Uganda, to the Forbidden City, to the Mennonite tradition. Yikes, how am I going to make sense of all that?? I have no idea... but tune in to find out!!:-)


Okay, I'll leave you with a haiku (the beloved poetic form of my buddy, Justin;-)... because, really, what else would I leave you with??

Head Cold Pansy

Sinus explosion
Wishing for softer tissues
Snot... tremendous snot.


maventheavenger aka jamie said...

Have you read Nagler's "Is There No Other Way? A Search for NonViolence"?

Nardrod said...

Love the haiku.

Are you reading Jared Diamond? I've just started Guns, Germs and Steel. Its pretty hot so far.

Yard said...

That haiku is disgusting. You are a pansy.

My wife has started "Serve God, Save the Planet" - I'll tell her about your must read commentary when she's done.

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

What's that book about, Justin?

AdamBam said...

@ Jamie: No, I haven't read that book, but it definitely looks interesting. I've added it to the list (which some may claim is "black-hole," but I'm trying hard to a keep it a list that I actually work through:)

@ Justin: No, I'm not currently reading any Diamond. My thoughts are going to extend from a radio interview that I heard with him maybe two years ago regarding his book Collapse. Let me know how GG&S strikes you... I've heard a lot of good things.

@ Jake: You are a pansy.

Anonymous said...

dude have you been to the new fun yet? www.ihearditfirst.org