Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still Alive...

Beh. I know... long time, no post. There's just been "a few things" going on lately (primarily business shtuff). Should be getting a little more space shortly.

Thanks to everybody who voted or left a comment with a vote! That was a fun & intriguing experiment... I would not have guessed that the green building/sustainable architecture topic would have taken the cake, but I'm excited to kick things off with that one.  [Disclaimer: I'm sure I'll have something similar to this on the actual post, but don't get your hopes up too high!... I'm definitely no expert on the topic. Just someone who likes to think about it and learn something here and there.]


Earlier tonight, I conducted an audio interview with Florida artist/sculptor, Eric Higgs [cool dude].  More on all of that later, but I'll wrap this up with a thought that he brought up during our conversation.  We were talking about his creative process, and we were discussing some of the underlying energy inherent to minimalism.  He said something to this effect [I'm paraphrasing]: 

"I take my creation concept, and I just start eliminating things.  I take things away until I remove something that actually [adversely] affects the piece by its absence.  And through this process, you can hopefully progress something down to its purest, most potent form."

I like that.  It can apply to so much.


Yard said...
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Yard said...

(sorry for the delete/edit)

What a great quote. That's inspiring for sure. I like the idea of purity derived by slicing off that which is at best neutral, and leaving only what pulls its weight, or contributes to the overall beauty. Great, now I want to be a sculptor.