Saturday, September 20, 2008


Forbidden City, Beijing, China
January 2007

(For those who've forgotten (or didn't see)... read my explanation of these "+" posts here.)


Corey said...

Looks like you've got enough adventure in your own life, being a father and a husband. From watching other married friends i've come to realize that marriage is one of the most amazing adventures you can strike out on.

who knows, i may be where you are at a few years from now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, while it's still fresh on your mind... would you mind talking about Tara's labor as seen through the eyes of her loving husband? I'm always so curious as to how husbands/guys handle it, what with being the (more or less) observer. What was hard for you or what expectations did you have going into it? What's it like from the guys perspective? What kind of thoughts are you having as you watch the process of your child being born? I know it's a lot and kind of emotional (I would think) so feel free not to post anything too. But I'm curious if you're willing! Oh and congrats! =)