Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Back!

Welp... sorry for the hiatus here folks. After a session of fun-with-the-stomach-flu with Shea a couple weekends ago and general life craziness lately, blogging's been put on the back-burner. But here's a quick update to prove that I'm still alive:

- I've still got that silly "population" post coming... I'll get right to it! (later) :-)

- I'm excited to tell y'all more about Studio L when the time is right... so sooner than later.

- I'm looking forward to having a Man's Weekend (Meekend?) in LA pretty soon with my old college buddies (pictures [maybe video?] to come post-Meekend...)

- I mentioned that I plan to do a series on non-violence, and that's still in the works. But as an intro to these matters, I'm participating in a conversation with Jake (my wife's childhood-friend's husband near Rochester, New York... whew, what a title!) on his recently established blog, Faith in Freedom. He began his thoughts with this post, and expanded with his take on war, to which I have just responded. Hop over there and check it out if you're interested, and add to the discussion (constructively) if you'd like.

**photo credit - War by Gadjo Dilo

1 comment:

Kate said...

Haha... worse than dust, my friend, worse than dust.

Imagine 5 Sheas... and only 2 of those Shea's have a little bit of self-control exercised seldomly day to day :-D

So now you can envision what my house looks like ;-)